Deploy Analytics, Applications & Operating Models at the Speed of Business — The Pneuron Way.

The Pneuron Distributed Platform — design, deploy, run and maintain high performance solutions at half the time, cost and risk of traditional alternatives.

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Discover How This Multinational Bank Reduced Fraud Case Disposition Times from 30 Minutes to 30 Seconds.

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Learn How This Specialty Insurance Provider Deployed a Single View, Integrated Analytics Solution in 90 Days.

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See How This Financial Services World Leader Cut Processing Cycles from 3 Hours to 12 Minutes.

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    We Distribute Solution Components to the Source.

    Pneuron’s groundbreaking Distributed Platform has changed the way enterprises are solving complex global business problems, bypassing costly integration projects with a distributed approach that cuts across all data, applications, technology and processes.

    Built for the Business, with IT Top-of-Mind.


    Coding Optional.

    Through our highly accessible development interface, business and IT users can work collaboratively to quickly configure and connect a targeted business solution – for the first time logical design and physical deployment are the same.

    unmatched speed

    Unmatched Speed

    Significantly compress data readiness, solution design and physical deployment phases for rapid value realization.

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    greater agility

    Greater Agility

    Easily update, enhance & reconfigure deployed solutions in real-time to meet fast-changing business demands.

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    rapid prototyping

    Rapid Prototyping

    Quickly configure and iteratively test your solution to prove its effectiveness before it’s even deployed.

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    reduced investment

    Reduced Investment

    Eliminate new infrastructure needs, time-consuming integration projects and associated labor costs.

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    A Win-Win for Business & Technology Challenges.

    Pneruon’s Distributed Platform was built to enable highly efficient problem resolution. Instead of lengthy data centralization projects that add burden to technologists and frustration for business users, our platform enables IT to leverage existing assets in a way that makes business problems solvable, quickly.


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    Technology and Deployment Agnostic.

    With zero new infrastructure, our platform enables robust, fully distributed integration, processing, and control – non-invasively connecting and improving your existing assets, wherever they are.

    pneuron design studio architecture

    Explore the Pneuron solution architecture by hovering over (or clicking on) the various components.

    Data Interaction Pneurons target data in various sources.

    Application Interaction Pneurons encapsulate existing applications as interoperable components.

    Analytics Pneurons analyze, match or predict using embedded or imported functionality.

    Output Pneurons deliver results to any endpoint.

    The Cortex™ orchestrates fully distributed processing and control within a single platform, with dynamic scaling and resiliency built in.

    Design Studio provides a highly accessible visual interface with a single pane of glass view for all configuration-driven development & deployment of distributed solutions.

    Create distributed solutions that meet the business demand for speed and innovation, and the IT need for distributed processing, common security, and consistent, manageable performance – all in a non-invasive, lightweight footprint.

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