The Pneuron Distributed Platform

A new way of creating business solutions:
  • Remove costly and time-consuming data warehousing and integration projects.
  • Visually access and connect data, applications and processes of any type, anywhere.
  • Accelerate agility by working directly with data, analytics and applications without coding.
  • Cut time-to-market and lifecycle costs in half.

Video: A quick introduction to Pneuron

Distributed Processes

Leverage Pneuron’s embedded integration intelligence, distributed processing and workflows to deliver solutions that combine analysis, application functionality, and human interactions to deliver end-to-end business value.

Distributed Analytics

Extract targeted information from any data source and leverage existing infrastructure to deploy a distributed processing approach that delivers analytical value without the costly prerequisites of large data integration projects.

Distributed Applications

Rapidly build, deploy, integrate and maintain new applications, which combine natively developed functionality with targeted, non-invasive re-use of legacy systems. Accelerate both existing and newly developed solutions by distributing processing across the existing infrastructure.

Pneuron Case Studies


Financial Services

This paper focuses on the challenges of current GRC approaches and the evolutionary missteps that so encumber competitive transparency . It also spotlights Pneuron’s non-invasive, non-competitive approach as “core” to next generation GRC architectures. Read more...


Application Modernization

The Pneuron Solution allows you to triple the lifetime of legacy applications without the time, risk and expense of rewrite or replacement. Read more...


Risk Management

The Pneuron Solution is approximately 50% more efficient in deployment and management than any current GRC solution, all while leveraging previous investments in analytics and applications. Read more...



Pneuron’s advantages in integrating distributed data and applying prescriptive analytics is being used to power the next generation of Healthcare. Factors such as Accountable Care will require Pneuron’s ability to identify, gather, and make available a patient’s complete medical record. Read more...

The Technology: Pneuron’s Distributed Platform



Similar to the function of neurons in the human brain, each patent-pending Pneuron can act as an independent function or service, be overlaid on top of existing applications or data, and connect in real time to other Pneurons, thus creating new products, workflows, or operating models of any complexity.



Pneuron’s lightweight run-time server manages and orchestrates all aspects of solution deployment. Responsible for the oversight of all distributed computing activities, the Cortex ensures enterprise-class performance and resiliency required for modern business.


Design Studio

Pneuron’s Design Studio allows visual integration, development, deployment and maintenance without coding. Designed to be accessible to both business and IT users, the Design Studio enables highly productive and direct collaboration needed to solve complex and rapidly changing business problems.