Complete Lifecycle Functionality for Building
Microservices-Style Solutions - in a Single Platfrom

The Pneurons the complexities of connecting and leveraging diverse points of value across the enterprise that are needed for building microservices -style solutions, but it’s the Crotex -the platform’s true brain power -that orchestrates computing, allowing users to manage capacity, resiliency, availability, performance and messaging from a single interface

Key Features of the Pneuron system


Cluster Management:

Better utilize compute resources by sharing teh same infrastructure for a pneuron cluster and opt-in worker nodes speci?cally aligned to one or more di?erent business problems with dynamic resiliency measure for high availability.

Dynamic Capacity Managemant:

Enable ‘elastic’ scaling by creating con?gurable models that align virtual machines (VM) utilization and optmization against load, costs, risk or any other preferevce.

Performance Management

Realm Management:

Manage resource sets within “realms” to provide highly scaled operations, seamlessly untilizing all available technology assets by calling and releasing assets based on demand.

Real-Time Large Data Processing:

Operate functions such as data acquisition, computations and the federation of analytical result in parallel on existing hardware capacity for fast performance.

Soluting Agility

Click to Change:

Quickly select, configure,and connect additional Pneuron-based applications into an existing solution, making project enhancements in days or weeks instead of montha or years.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Avoid intermediary data dtores to enable drect monitoring and alerts keyed to underlying data source changes or system events.


Message Delivery:

Pneuron’s messaging infrastructure provides for durable messaging in situations demanding high availability. Administrative options provide for the selection of protocols aligned to the existing platforms and technologies withinthe environment.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Configure delivery of errors, warnings, alerts, and other informational message about the operations of your designed networks and the core Pneuron platfrom to a broad set of enterprise destinations, including a database, file, or monitoring tools.

Distributed Execution

Cortex Communications:

Seamlessly synchronize changes across your network as changes to one Cortex are auto-propagated to all others involved in the solution. This simplifies the management of change as new innovations and processing routiness are developed and deployed for value

Systems Accessibility

Web Service- Enabled:

Allows outside applications to call pneurons via standard Web Services technology. This opens the possibility for rich integration with existing platforms where Pneuron can be used as a source, destination, or intermediate component of an existing business workflow.

img an outstanding
enterprise data infrastructure solution

-Mark Gibbs, CIO Magazine/Forbes

The Bottom Line

The Pneuron distributed platfrom can play a variety of roles, from soures, to destination, to intermediate component of sophisticated business work?ows, providing a high performance and resilient distributed processing engine in support of complex business requirements and for building microservices-style solutions