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Pneuron’s assessment of the market-shaping customer, competitor, and technology forces have shaped how we built our platform, bringing you only the most relevant and valuable capabilities needed to respond to business challenges and opportunities better, faster, and with more agility than the competition. This makes our platform ideal for organizations looking to solve targeted business problems with:

Achieve a Fully Integrated View of Global Risk & Compliance — Fast.

With the growing demands for transparency in global risk & compliance management, increased business collaboration is critical. But how can you break down departmental siloes between audit, risk management, and compliance in a fast, painless, cost-effective manner?

Pneuron’s platform provides global risk & compliance groups a rapidly achievable approach for surfacing insights from across the enterprise. Pneuron’s rapidly configured integration and analytics support risk harmonization, analysis, and alerting to staff and systems globally with one consistent, real-time risk fabric – no matter what analytics or systems are required to uphold your chosen risk model.

The Problem

Disparate systems, lines of business, and risk schemes and models preclude effective roll-up and analysis of global risk management activities across the enterprise.

The Solution

By distributing business logic and analytics to existing source systems, the Pneuron platform enables global risk & compliance groups to rapidly create a “risk fabric” – an intelligence layer that supports all audit assessment & reporting activities – at 50% less time and cost of traditional approaches.

Not only does this give GRC departments a way to efficiently achieve full GRC transparency, it also strengthens their competitiveness by giving them the agility to change risk analysis, metrics and decision criteria as business, markets and regulations continue to evolve in today’s rapidly changing economy.

This approach addresses the traditional problem in global risk & compliance, in which disparate systems and lines of business hinder the ability to effectively assess and manage cross-business risk. Now, organizations can realize global risk transparency while gaining consistency in analytical standards and reporting structures—and all at a dramatically reduced time and cost investment.

The Pneuron Result

  • 1 Dramatic reduction in cost and time in realizing global risk & compliance transparency.
  • 2 Consistency in analytical standards and regulatory reporting structures.
  • 3 Rapid, agile ability to change risk analysis, metrics and decision criteria as business, markets and regulations change and evolve.