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Pneuron’s assessment of the market-shaping customer, competitor, and technology forces have shaped how we built our platform, bringing you only the most relevant and valuable capabilities needed to respond to business challenges and opportunities better, faster, and with more agility than the competition. This makes our platform ideal for organizations looking to solve targeted business problems with:

Reform is Re-Defining Healthcare Operating Models — and Your Approach.

Pneuron introduces a new breakthrough paradigm, which enables healthcare organizations, patients, care coordination, and clinical activities to be connected in real-time across the ecosystem with minimal changes to existing systems.

The Problem

Widely disparate systems, standards and technologies between multiple entities within a diverse and fragmented healthcare continuum, combined with challenges of dramatic regulatory change, make solution deployment in healthcare environments complex and difficult.

The Solution

Pneuron’s integration and distributed analytics creates a virtualized and comprehensive view of patient’s healthcare activities, drug and clinical trials, risk and population analysis and any other analytics or reporting at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional approaches.

The Pneuron Result

  • 1 Integrate and leverage the diverse sources of value that is modern healthcare, but without large data and systems integration costs, and without losing the agility to effectively deal with rapidly changing regulations.