Leverage Our Advanced Containers to Rapidly Deploy Microservices-style Solutions and Redesign Your Business Competitiveness.

The core of the Pneuron approach is the development of a distributed, lightweight, and elastic fabric for building, distributing, and executing business solutions using a microservices-style architecture. This allows businesses to both analyze data and leverage existing applications without the traditional centralization prerequisites.

This is fundamentally different than traditional applications and analytics approaches, where the centralization paradigm requires significant upfront design and continuous re-architecting as business complexity and scale continue to grow. Instead, our platform was built from the ground up to meet the demands of today’s 21st century business, leveraging innovative technology and leading edge practices like microservices and containerization.

These architectural guidelines serve as the cornerstones of the Pneuron platform:

Pre-Integrated Technologies to Accelerate Time to Value

Our advanced container includes a critical set of enabling technologies which eliminates the need to acquire, integrate, and optimize multiple supporting platforms, dramatically lowering the cost and time to start building business solutions.

Visual, Configuration-Driven Design

Using a rich, interoperable library of integration, analytical, and workflow management objects promotes end-user and IT collaboration and restores much needed speed-to-market and solution agility.

Loosely Coupled, Services-Oriented Model

Our web-based visual design environment enables solution designers to leverage their subject matter expertise directly into the solution deployment process, rather than specifying and waiting for service development activities.

Uniformly Interoperable Components

Data, analyses, models, processing objects, and applications must be represented as components that can be connected simply, quickly and without burdensome systems and data integration investments.

No Intermediary Data Layers

Instead of taking the data to the analysis or the application—a cumbersome and increasingly expensive proposition—take the analysis to the data and establish a “fabric” that feels traditionally centralized but is in fact fully distributed across the enterprise.

Distributed Processing

Reverses the paradigm of centralizing data and systems before value creation, instead decomposing business problems and distributing processing objects across an environment—effectively “taking analytics to the data”.

Dynamic Scaling and Resiliency

Takes advantage of available physical and virtual resources across an environment, allowing for highly reliable performance that meets widely varying workloads on a service-by-service basis.

Technology-Agnostic Deployment

Supports industry standards to leverage both existing infrastructure and prior technology and application investments.

“For the record, I think Pneuron’s technology is bloody brilliant. Really.” — Jon Collins, GigaOm

See just how the platform delivers on the above objectives, using modern technology and leading edge practices like microservices to enable what you need most – the speed, flexibility, and agility to be a 21st century business.