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KYC, CDD & EDD: Understanding Your Customer, at the Speed of Business

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Today’s Regulatory Challenges for Enterprise Risk & Compliance

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A Financial Services Use Case: Compliance Investigative Look-Book

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Financial Services Use Case: Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

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Financial Services Use Case: Legacy Application Revitalization

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Pneuron’s assessment of the market-shaping customer, competitor, and technology forces have shaped how we built our platform, bringing you only the most relevant and valuable capabilities needed to respond to business challenges and opportunities better, faster, and with more agility than the competition. This makes our platform ideal for organizations looking to solve targeted business problems with:

Fundamentally Improve Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Investigation Efficiency with Intelligent Workflows.

What if your fraud and anti-money laundering solution could fully, consistently analyze and risk-rank every alert based on your organization’s best practices, local regulatory requirements, and alert-specific processing standards – all before they even reach your analysts?

With Pneuron-enabled intelligent workflows, they can. Unlike traditional AML technology, the Pneuron platform is able to automate and enhance investigations by creating a non-invasive “investigation fabric” across diverse internal and external sources, ensuring rapid and consistent analysis of every alert.

The Problem

Increasing volume and sophistication of fraudulent activity coupled with expanding number of regulations drives an ever increasing number of anti-money laundering and fraud alerts, which are largely managed manually. In some situations, 95% of alerts are false positives and investigations take upwards of 30 minutes each.

Tuning AML technology, like alert management systems, and replacing the case management tool does not substantially impact processing times or volumes.

The Solution

Pneuron offers a fundamentally different choice than traditional, trade-off heavy alternatives for today’s anti-money laundering and fraud operations. Our platform encapsulates all of your business logic and regulatory requirements into special-purpose Pneurons, enabling you to coordinate the interaction and synchronization of these Pneurons centrally.

With the creation of intelligent workflows, Pneuron seamlessly connects all required internal and external data sources and applies analysis to review, validate and generate disposition recommendations in line with the organization’s analytical best-practices for every alert.

This automation reduces the time to review alerts by up to 70+%, so that financial crimes departments no longer need to hire more staff to address increasing alert volumes. Analysts instead become validators of recommended decisions, making alert disposition a consistent and highly effective process.

The Pneuron Result

  • 1 Process more anti-money laundering and fraud alerts in significantly less time, while driving down operational and infrastructure costs.
  • 2 Gain complete transparency of risk with real-time understanding and measurement of volumes, exposures and threat types.
  • 3 Ensure full compliance and documentation of every investigation.

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